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* Daily Bible Reading Guide *

  1. Making Time: Try to keep a daily time when you read; choose a time when you will be unlikely to have distractions (having a consistent place helps). If this is not possible, do the best you can. It may be helpful to actually put the time into your calendar; writing “God” in a 15 minute time slot might make it more real.

  2. Active Listening: Ask God to speak to you as you begin your time of reading. There may be a specific word for you for that day. Listen for God’s voice. You may want pray: ”what do you have for me to learn, to do, to be this day?”

  3. Responding: It may be helpful to keep a notebook and record what you hear; over time you may discern patterns. “Answer” God when you sense him speaking. You can use below questions to have better application to your daily life: 1. Who is God to me in today’s word? 2. What lesson is God teaching me in today’s word?

  4. Keeping up: Try to read each day. If you fall behind, skip forward to the current day (you can go back later and catch up). You may feel “full” when you have read, and a little “empty” if you miss a day… hungry for God’s living word to you!

*Option1. Read Through The New Testament in One Year, 2024*












*Option2. Read Through The Bible in One Year, 2024*





















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